At BellaRae Home Care Agency, we strive to provide the best service by taking a different fundamental approach to everything we do. Our approach is simple - we place people in front of profits. What does that mean? It means that we:

  • Pay our caregivers more​
  • ​Find unique creative ways to make the most of the time we spend with our clients and enrich their experience
  • Provide ongoing training to our caregivers and employees to increase their value to our clients and our agency
  • Focus on helping our clients to re-engage back into their lives and the lives of their family and friends through creative activities and customized care plans
  • Continually encourage and request feedback from our clients and employees to help improve our services
  • ​Consistently search for new services, activities, and technologies that we can add to our processes to improve our services

In short, we provide the level of care we would want for our family and loved ones.

​​​​​​All home care agencies are created equal... or are they?

As the picture above illustrates, there is a difference between advice and good advice. We also believe that there is a difference between service and good service.  

The BellaRae Approach to Service: